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4 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Car

car washThe spring is quite chilly this year in Maryland, but hopefully it will get warmer soon – warm enough for you to get dressed in shorts and t-shirt and give your car a thorough spring cleaning. If it’s not on your to-do list, make sure you add it, because at Ormsby Auto we know that cleaning your car won’t just make it look nicer, but may also help increase fuel efficiency and overall performance.

1)  Start by removing everything that doesn’t belong in the car

This includes obvious trash, items of clothing, books, beach chairs that have been sitting in your trunk since the last trip – well, you get the idea.  If it’s in your car and you haven’t used it during the past week, it has to go.

Depending on how much extra stuff you have lying around in your vehicle, it could be weighing your car down enough to make it use more fuel, and that’s exactly what we are trying to avoid. Once all the big items are gone, search every compartment and crevice for small items, such as coins, wires, headphones, pens, etc. that got lost in the abyss.

Things that you plan on keeping in your car (GPS, ownership documents, mp3 players, CDs, glasses, and so on) should be temporarily taken out, so that they don’t get in the way of the cleanup that follows.

To go an extra mile – organize your trunk. Put loose items, such as ice scrapers, jumper cables and motor oil containers in a small box, so that they stop rolling around.

2)  Remove the dust

Once the interior is free of any kind of debris, you can start wiping the dust off of the surfaces and vacuuming floors and upholstery. Remove your floor mats and give them a thorough washing or vacuuming, depending on the material.

To go an extra mile – remove stains from the seats and floor mats with the help of water, brush, stain remover and wet vacuum. You can also polish the dashboard to restore its shine.

3)  Clean the windows

Use your favorite glass cleaner to clean your car’s mirrors and windows from both sides. Inspect glass surfaces to determine any chips, cracks or scratches. Don’t worry, you don’t have to replace the entire windshield – a spot repair should work, just call your local Rockville auto repair specialists to schedule an appointment.

To go an extra mile – replace your windshield wipers if you haven’t done this in a long time, and especially if you notice that they scratch your windshield.

4)  Wash the outside of the car

You can certainly opt to take your car to a car wash, but a bucket of soapy water, a soft sponge and some elbow grease can work just as good. Don’t forget the wheels – power-wash them to remove dirt and salt hiding in the wheel wells and other crevices.

To go an extra mile – touch up any chips and scratches you notice while washing and give your car a thorough waxing to restore the shine and protect from the hot summer sun.

A car spring cleaning is a great opportunity to inspect your car inside and out and take a note of what needs repair or replacement. If you find any of these signs of trouble, feel free to stop by our Rockville auto repair shop and we’ll fix them in no time.

    • Rust on the body and underbody of the car
    • Cracked or moldy weather stripping
    • Signs of corrosion under the hood
    • Visible tire damage

Feel free to bring your car to our service station for a seasonal tune-up and preventive maintenance. We will inspect all systems, test AC to make sure it’s ready for the summer, check components for damage and proper alignment, and advice you how to keep your car in a top shape. You’ll be amazed what a few turns of a screw driver can do to your vehicle’s performance.